Cycling in Mala Fatra - that's about 645 km of routes, footpaths and paths in the surroundings of Žilina, Terchová and Bystrická dolina. Gentle ascents, blooming meadows, but also steep slopes. All you have to do is choose the route you dare to take. Cycling routes in Mala Fatra will delight families with children, adrenaline junkies, but also recreational cyclists. Hit the pedals, spin the wheels and get ready for a real ride, you're going downhill!

Ideal starting point: Terchová (opposite the church)

Bring your own bike or rent one of the new bikes that we have specially prepared for you in our rental shop. There you will find bicycles for both adults and children.

Easy cycling routes:

• Terchová - Vrátna
• Circuit around the Žilina Water Works
• Cycle highway Kysuce

Moderate cycling routes:

• Circuit Žilina - Terchová
• Terchovský chotár circuit
• Nová Bystrica Water Reservoir circuit
• Kysuce ridge circuit
• Orava cycle route

Difficult cycling routes:

• Rough 100-mile cycle path

Paseky cycle routes:

Are you in the mood for adrenaline? In that case, Bike Park Paseky in Vrátná will make it easy for you. You can choose whether the DOWNHILL or ENDURO track is more to your taste. Experience first-hand the speed, obstacles, turns, wooden bridges or jumps. A cable car, which has a special hook for hanging a bicycle, will take you directly to the start. Even if you don't have your own downhill bike, the Raw Vrátna rental shop will be happy to lend you one. The Bikepark is open from mid-June to mid-September, from Friday to Sunday (including some holidays) from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Enduro trať

Downhillová trať

Dĺžka 1 750 m 2 300 m
Prevýšenie 380 m 380 m
Ľavá zákruta 20 x 15 x
Pravá zákruta 25 x 14 x
Skok 14 x 10 x
Skok veľký 2 x -
Jazda cez rovinku 11 x 13 x
Jazda cez korene 12 x 10 x
Jazda cez hrbole 3 x 1 x
Prudká medza so skokom 1 x -
Mostík 2 x 4 x