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Be active in Vrátna

Do not worry, you will not get lost with us. We are ready to provide you with the best advice, tips and information regarding walks, hiking trips or activities that are worth not only seeing, but, first of all, experiencing. It is our foremost wish to make your stay in Vrátna Valley unforgettable in the true meaning of the word.

Winter joys in Vrátna Valley

Skiing, free riding, ski touring, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing

Skiing is for everyone. Beginners, children or advanced skiers, snowboarders, free ride or ski touring enthusiasts. The Vrátna Free Time Zone ski resort, which is situated only 2 km from the hotel, offers full service for everyone – ski rental and service, ski school, children´s park and babysitting. Paseky, Poludňový Grúň, Chleb-Oštiepková mulda slopes and pistes are at your full disposal. We provide unique stay packages in collaboration with the ski resort.

Summer in Vrátna at full steam


The beautiful country of the Malá Fatra National Park is ideal for activities that will please families with children as well as hiking enthusiasts and adventurers looking for demanding hiking trails with ladders and chains. In the summer, the visitors are invited to enjoy the marked hiking trails leading up to the summits of Chleb, Stoh, Veľký Rozsutec and Veľký Kriváň.

Vrátna with its magic environment is one of the most popular places in Slovakia. Varied and unique fauna and flora, breathtaking views, canyons, streams and waterfalls. Vrátna and its surroundings offer endless choices of choosing hiking trips – from walks in the meadows covered with flowers to demanding hiking trips. Enjoy the stunning rocky cliffs of Tiesňavy Gorge with ´Zbojnícky chodník´ (´Highwaymen´s Trail´) and ´Janošíkove diery´ Gorge full of beautiful waterfalls and steep cliffs towering above them.

Nordic walking

This way of walking originated in Scandinavia where it was primarily used by cross-country skiers. It differs from the athletic walking mainly in the fact that it is performed with specially designed walking poles similar to ski poles. Using poles results in smaller tension in the area of the cervical (neck) spine, the stimulation of triceps, chest muscle, trapezius muscle and latissimus dorsi muscle.

Professional scooters in Tiesňavy Gorge

A new way of entertainment and an undemanding means of transport for all age categories. Scooters are ideal for recreational downhill riding, but even adrenaline enthusiasts will enjoy such a ride. The scooters are specially adapted – a larger frame, the wheels adjusted to riding down a winding path and reinforced brakes. The brakes enable the rider to ride at a walking pace as well as at a higher speed, it all depends on the rider´s choice. Basically it is a simple activity, however, when riding at 30 km/h your adrenaline level rises dramatically and having arrived at the finish you will have realized that one single ride just won´t do!

Mountain biking

Go for cycling, set off on a cycling trip combined with off-road cycling. Get a breath of fresh air and recharge your batteries in the stunning Vrátna Valley, a synonym for a cyclist´s paradise. We rent mountain bikes and can recommend from one-hour to half-day or all-day cycling trips for recreational as well as adrenaline cyclists.

Rafting, wood rafting

We have prepared rafting down the most beautiful parts of the Orava and Váh Rivers for those longing for adventure and fun. See how stunning our country is from a different angle and savour the experience that is bound to become unforgettable.
The rafting is suitable for beginners with no previous experience, more experienced ones, those who can appreciate the beauty of the surrounding countryside, sportspeople, families with children (children from 2 years old), school trips, corporal team building events and sports days, the elderly as well as the less physically fit. For everyone craving to recharge their batteries, for relaxation and fun.

Wood rafting on the Váh River

Have you ever heard of wood rafting on the Váh River? We bet you have. Due to its long-standing tradition and rich history. If you feel like going back in time and wonder what it was like rafting down the Váh River in the area of Strečno we offer you a unique chance of experiencing this adventure. Rafting down Strečno Valley, you will learn about its history, culture, natural and technical attractions – all of these through a unique way – wood rafting.

You will be rafting down a beautiful part of the Váh River, where you will experience a first-hand encounter with the most dangerous parts of the river and objects full of legends – ´Margita and Besná´ rocks. Later on, the river offers uncommon and unrepeatable views of ´Starý Hrad´ Castle, railway bridges and tunnels, and the picturesque country of the Malá Fatra. Chatty raftsmen will be guiding your trip down the river entertaining you with charming and funny stories from the past.

In the saddle

We kindly invite you to the marvellous area of the Vrátna Valley, where you will find out that the view of the world from the saddle is nicer than anywhere else. We will be happy to recommend places where you can fully enjoy the ride, forget all your troubles and escape the daily grind.