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After an active day, a massage will come in handy. You can choose a relaxation massage (regeneration, classic or sports) or healing acupressure, and thermotherapy with beneficial effects on muscles and blood circulation, nervous system, and metabolism.

We offer the following types of massage:

Sports massage is a kind of classic massage for sportspeople or people performing demanding physical jobs. The massage is used with sportspeople to boost their performance or relax after physical activity.

Classic massage is the most popular massage. It has a beneficial effect on people who are overworked, stressed, depressed, and in post-injury or post-surgery recovery. It is also suitable for people who are not experiencing any health problems. This massage is ideal not only for the body, but also for the mental well-being. It helps remove tension from your body.

Relaxation massage relaxes the body and helps your health. It comprises rubbing the soft tissue of the whole body. Its aim is to bring about the state of total and depth relaxation.

Cupping beneficially affects people with back pain, neck pain and headaches. It affects the whole body. It cleanses blood, improves blood circulation and renews the nervous system function. A heated cup is placed on the skin, and the skin is drawn into the cup. The vacuum causes skin markings that look like bruises. In order to get the toxins out of your body you have to increase your water intake.

Honey massage is a comfortable way of detoxing your body. It removes toxins from medicines, food and pollution – toxic deposits that accumulate in tissues as your body is not able to get rid of toxins naturally. It is an excellent relaxation, detoxing and recovery method that will bring about the feeling of lightness, cleanness and refreshment.

Price: 14 € / 30 min., 28 € / 60 min.