Options for children at the Boboty hotel

• children's playground - sandbox, swings, trampoline, slide, rope climbing frames,
• children's corner with lots of toys and games,
• cots for children up to 2.99 years according to the available capacity,
• pool equipment (swimming wheel, sleeves),
• board games and various sports equipment for children,
• billiards,
• table football,
• table tennis.

Where children will not be bored everywhere:

A few tips for trips for the great joy of your little ones:

  • Rope park and Dino park
  • Rope park and Dino adventure park are located in Terchová in the Drevenice Terchová resort
  • in a beautiful pine forest environment. The attractions offer the possibility of an adrenaline experience,
  • a test of agility and courage. Revival is the possibility to touch prehistoric lizards
  • and take away an unforgettable experience from a walk in the park.


We would like to recommend to children a visit to farmyards with farm animals and a mini ZOO, of which there are several in Mala Fatra.
By train through Terchovský chotár
All young and old hikers will surely appreciate when they can just enjoy the Terchov red sightseeing train. You can choose from routes of various lengths depending on what you want to see.

Roads around Štefanová

The picturesque village of Štefanová is located in Vrátná dolina, directly below Veľký Rozsutec.
The village is interesting for its architecture, which is dominated by classic Orava wooden houses.
Thanks to its location, Štefanová is ideal for easy walks and serves as a starting point
point for mountain hikes along the Mala Fatra ridge, and above all, it is just a stone's throw from Hotel Boboty.

Touch the clouds or take the cable car to Chleb

The Chleb cable car is one of the biggest attractions of Vrátná dolina in summer as well as in winter.
The cable car will take you to an altitude of 1494 m.a.s.l. You can enjoy while driving
wonderful views of the Vrátna valley and the Mala Fatra ridge. It is located in the upper station of the cable car
Panoráma restaurant with a terrace that offers breathtaking views of the surroundings.

For the more skilled
tourists, there is the option of climbing the nearby hill Veľký Kriváň (1709 m) or an easy
walk to Chata pod Chlebom (approx. 30 min.).

We are sure that you will thank the children by visiting the swimming pools or water parks. You can use swimming pool, sauna or massages at Hotel Boboty. The Rajecké Teplice spa or Bešeňová . The Aquarelax complex in Dolný Kubín is also wanted.

Adventure trips around castles and chateaux
Castles are among the attractions for children of different ages. Orava Castle as well as Strečno Castle offer various attractions and exhibitions such as classic, but also specialized tours. Among the most interesting include night tours of the castle, various presentations of culture and architecture and interesting events
such as period sword fights and cannon shooting.

Jánošíkove diery or on the tracks of bandits

Jánošíkove diery are among the most interesting hiking trails in Vrátná dolina and in Slovakia. They are intended for intermediate to advanced tourists. Extremely attractive natural rock formations criss-crossed by a wild stream and made accessible by iron ladders and chains are an unforgettable experience. We recommend the discovery trail from the Boboty hotel to the saddle Podžiar and further to the Upper Holes with an outlet directly below the legendary Rozsutec.