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Terchovské srdce

The observation tower with a height of 30 m is available to visitors of Terchová free of charge all year round. A marked trail leads to it directly from the center of Terchová. From the top floor, we can observe the surroundings, the center of the village, the church, the valley of Obšivánka, Oravcové, the statue of Juraj Jánošík, or Tiesňavy, the majestic Veľký Rozsutec and Malý Rozsutec.

Jánošíkové diery

Jánošíkové diery are located in the Rozsutec National Nature Reserve. They consist of three integral parts: Dolné diery, Nové diery and Horné diery. Dierový potok, which formed them, flows through them. There are more than twenty waterfalls in Diery, which together form Dierový potok Waterfalls.

KLD Chleb

The Vrátna-Chleb cable car is an 8-seater Doppelmayr cable car, upper station 1494 m above sea level, lower station 744 m above sea level, transport speed: max. 6 m/s, height difference 750 m.

It is a type of Doppelmayr single-rope cable car with detachable cars of the Carvatech Ultra type. The cable car is intended for transporting hikers, skiers and snowboarders

Restaurant Panorama

The Panoráma self-service restaurant at the top station of KLD Chleb will provide you with a comfortable snack with a unique panoramic view of the magical Vrátna valley and its peaks. Relax in the arms of pure nature at an altitude of 1,494 m.a.s.l. or enjoy active movement and the wonderful mountain sun.

The restaurant, which is right at the top station of the cable car, is the most popular starting point for all ridge hikes and ascents to the peaks of Veľký Kriváň, Malý Kriváň or Chleb.


The permanent exhibition dedicated to the national hero Jánošík and the ancient life in the village of Terchová has been available since 2008. The exhibition is dedicated to the life of the folk hero Juraj Jánošík.

Other exhibits depict folk architecture and the ancient way of life in traditional Terchová wooden houses, bring closer musical folklore, customs, domestic textile production, mountain farming and agriculture. You can find the Jánošík and Terchová exhibition in the Terchová Municipal Office building